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Express Generator Trailer

Express 500 Gallons

Our 500 gallons express generator water trailer is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Designed with durability in mind, it features a heavy-duty frame and a resilient polyethylene tank, guaranteeing a long service life under rigorous use. Customize it with a range of options to meet your specific power needs. Its ample tank capacity ensures extended operation times, reducing the need for frequent refills and maximizing your productivity. Perfect for any situation that demands robust, continuous power, this trailer is the smart solution for today's energy challenges.

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500 Express Generator Trailer Features

  • 500 Gal. Polyethylene Water Tank
  • Wacker Neuson G14 Generator
  • Pressurized, On-Demand Water Distribution System
  • 240 Gal. Diesel Tank
  • DOT Trailer
  • Optional Freeze Protection System

Express Generator Trailer Details

Introducing the Express Generator Trailer, an essential solution for delivering water and power to oil drilling or construction sites, catering to your mobile office and RV needs. This innovative trailer includes an on-demand pressurized water system, capable of supplying water to two offices or RVs simultaneously. Powered by the Wacker Neuson G14 generator, it offers 13.5 kW of power output along with a 60 Amp capacity. Equipped with a 240-gallon diesel tank, the DOT industrial trailer ensures uninterrupted operation of the generator for up to 180 hours under prime load conditions. For added convenience, an optional factory-installed freeze protection system is also available, enhancing its suitability for diverse environmental conditions. Whether you require water, power, or both, this trailer proves its worth.


Express Generator Trailer Applications

Our 500-Gallon Generator Trailer is an essential asset for a wide range of applications where reliable and portable power is crucial. This robust generator is perfect for construction sites that are off the grid, providing ample electricity to run tools, lighting, and machinery without interruption. It is equally effective at a large scale like outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, or sporting events, where it ensures that lighting, sound systems, and vendor stalls are powered throughout the event, enhancing the experience for both organizers and attendees.

Not only that, the 500-Gallon Generator Trailer is invaluable in emergency and disaster response operations, where power outages are common. You can quickly deployed to affected areas, providing critical support for medical facilities, temporary shelters, and command centers. We understand the critical role that reliable power plays in emergency response. That's why our 500-Gallon Generator Trailer is designed to support essential services like communications, medical equipment, and lighting. Its versatility makes it a key resource for various sectors, ensuring they can continue operations smoothly, even under the most challenging conditions. Trust us to help you maintain efficiency and effectiveness when it matters most. Call us today to find out more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

500 Express Generator Trailers Questions and Answers

The 500-Gallon Express Generator Trailer is designed for maximun fuel efficiency and extended runtime depending on the load. The exact runtime will vary based on operational conditions and power demand, but rest assured that our trailer is built to maximize uptime and minimize interruptions.

Absolutely! We understand that each project has unique power needs, and our 500-Gallon Express Generator Trailer can be customized to meet those demands. Whether you need to power a large event or a critical emergency operation, we can configure your generator trailer to ensure it delivers optimal performance.

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