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Water Wagon for Sale

Express 1025 Gallon Water Wagon

The water wagon for sale is a DOT-approved water storage solution for large projects. The Express 1000 gallon water wagon is a good choice when projects require a large amount of water to get the job done. With a durable polyethylene tank and steel trailer, our water trailer is equipped to handle dust suppression, washing out stalls, watering vegetation, and other applications.

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1000 Gallon Water Wagon Features

  • Full fenders with diamond tread
  • Powder coat black acrylic finish
  • 6" channel iron frame
  • 4 horsepower Honda engine

1000 Gallon Water Wagon Benefits

  • Large capacity water hauling
  • DOT compliant water wagon trailer
  • Wide range of functions
  • Corrosion resistant discharge bar

Water Wagon for Sale Details

The water wagon for sale is made of white polyethylene material that is durable and translucent to check water levels and keep a record of how much water is left in the tank. The water tank is also resistant to different chemicals and water treated liquids, creating more application versatility for the water trailer.

The 1000 gallon water wagon features numerous functional components that sets it apart from others on the market. Each water wagon for sale is equipped with double free backing surge brakes that enables safe stopping when hauling a large tank of water. Other components include DOT-compliant lights and tandem axels. These additional water wagon trailer components enable it to excel in different areas.

Express 1025 Gallon Water Wagon Specifications

Trailer DOT-Compliant
Tank 1025 Gallon Polyethylene Drainable Leg Tank
(L x W x H)
200" x 81" x 88"
(with fenders and fill kit)
Frame 6" Channel Iron
Axles 7,000 lb. Tandem Slipper Spring
Tires 16" on EZ Lube Hubs with 8 Lugs
Hitch 2-5/16" Ball or 3" Pintle
Brakes Double Free Backing Surge

Water Trailer Applications

The water trailer can assist in numerous projects. Some common uses include watering livestock, washing equipment, and arena spraying. With its durable construction, the water wagon for sale is adept at hauling water to and from different locations, either on public roadways and off-road to remote construction or agricultural sites.

Water Wagon Frequently Asked Questions

Water Wagon for Sale Questions and Answers

Our 1000 gallon water wagon comes equipped with a 4 horsepower Honda engine and a 2" Tsurumi Aluminum Pump. Other features include a diamond tread fender, galvanized spray bar, and DOT-compliant led brake lights. If you are interested in a more powerful motor, we can have one installed. Please keep in mind that pricing will change accordingly. Call our product experts at 1-863-261-8388 to discuss this option and pricing.

Yes, our water wagon also comes in a non-DOT version. In fact, many of our trailers come with DOT and non-DOT options.

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