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Corrugated Steel Water Tanks

Corrugated Metal Water Tanks for Sale

The One Clarion corrugated steel water tank is made of high strength galvanized steel for bulk water storage. The large water storage tanks are durable options for potable water storage, irrigation, fire suppression, and livestock watering. Corrugated metal water tanks are compact and lightweight for shipping and can be installed and assembled quickly on site.

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Steel Water Tank Features

  • Galvanized Corrugated Steel
  • Capacity Sizes Up to 1 Million Gallons
  • Wind Rated Up to 165 Miles Per Hour

Steel Water Tank Benefits

  • Easy to Ship and Install
  • Reusable and Durable
  • High Capacity

Corrugated Metal Water Tanks Details

Metal water tanks are wind rated at speeds up to 165 miles per hours and have numerous uses. Some of our corrugated steel water tanks can hold up to 1 million gallons of water. Made with G115 corrugated steel, our steel water tanks are sourced from US steel mills with 50 percent of minimum recycled content. The corrugated side walls have a tensile strength up to 70 KSI and vary between 8-10 gauge galvanized steel.

One Clarion corrugated steel water storage tanks have a coating to provide 27 percent more corrosion resistant protection than the industry standard. Galvanized steel water tanks prices depend on capacity sizes and liners with special coatings.

Freeboard dimensions are 4 feet and 0.3 inches. Want to know more? Look at the specifications below for capacity ranges.

Corrugated Steel Water Tanks Specs

Gallons Nominal Gallons Roof Diameter (Ft.)
Eve Height (Ft.)
Overall Height (Ft.) Weight (Lbs.)
700 722 30º flat panel 6.19
5.0 1,776
1,000 1,518 30º flat panel 6.19
8.5 1,994
1,500 1,624 30º flat panel 9.28
5.9 2,001
2,000 2,315 30º flat panel 6.19
12.0 2,113
3,000 2,886 30º v rib 12.37
6.8 2,188
3,000 2,886 10º low v
5'-0"(+/-) 2,188
3,500 3,416 30º flat panel 9.28
9.4 2,188
4,000 3,908 30º flat panel 6.19
19.1 2,451
4,500 4,510 30º v rib 15.47
5'-2"(+/-) 2,451
4,500 4,510 10º low v rib 15.47
5'-2"(+/-) 2,451
5,000 5,208 30º flat panel 9.28
13.0 2,376
10,000 10,585 30º flat panel 9.28
23.6 2,938
15,000 15,631 10º low v rib 12.37
19'-0"(+/-) 3,088
20,000 20,832 10º low v rib 18.56
12'-3"(+/-) 3,305
25,000 24,423 10º low v rib 15.47
19'-3"(+/-) 3,305
30,000 30,742 10º low v rib 27.8
14.8 4,356
35,000 35,357 10º low v rib 43.3
7'-4"(+/-) 7,162
50,000 54,652 10º low v rib 37.1
10'-5"(+/-) 6,045
75,000 77,780 10º low v rib 30.9
16'-10"(+/-) 6,540
100,000 118,209 10º low v rib 34.0
20'-10"(+/-) 8,847
150,000 152,449 10º low v rib 43.3
18'-0"(+/-) 11,069
500,000 537,075 10º low J rib
30º J rib
38.0 #
650,000 651,777 10º low J rib
30º J rib
41.6 #

Steel Water Tank Applications

Because water is a necessary high-demand commodity, uses for the steel water tank touch almost every aspect of life. The steel water tank can be used for fire protection, everyday water use, irrigation and livestock watering, stormwater storage, rainwater harvesting, wastewater storage, and agriculture, mining, and fracking operations. These high-strength large water storage tanks offer more security when handling larger loads compared with other steel water tanks for sale.

The bolting system used during the manufacturing process employs grade-8 allen head bolts with serrated nuts to provide extra strength. This is especially helpful in areas prone to earthquakes. Our tanks have been installed in active seismic areas where structural requirements are important. Depending on where you are storing your steel water tank, you might consider a wood wrapped covering for your corrugated steel water tanks or a nice powder coating to match the surroundings. Whatever your needs, we can help you navigate through all our metal water tanks for sale options.

Steel Water Tank Frequently Asked Questions

Corrugated Steel Water Tank FAQs

Galvanized steel water tanks prices vary depending on where you want to install them and what you want to store in them. Capacities, liners, and coatings all contribute to the overall price of our steel water tanks for sale. Additionally, shipping and freight also contribute to the price. Have more questions about our galvanized steel water tanks price? We can help. Give us a call at 1-863-261-8388.

Because water is such an important commodity, the applications for the steel water tank are seemingly endless. From potable drinking water storage, to domestic water storage for everyday use, storing water in a corrugated steel water tank provides durable, reliable water on demand. It can also store water for fire suppression, irrigation, and even wastewater.

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