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Fish Farming Frame Tanks

Fish Farming Tanks

Folding Frame Containers for Fish Farming

Fish farming tanks are often used for growing and rearing tilapia, shrimp, catfish and other types of fish. Our collapsible water storage tanks consist of a rigid outer frame with a flexible, heavy duty inner liner inside. The outer steel frame houses the liner, which is made from a variety of fabrics, including High Performance Rubber and Vinyl. Our collapsible folding frame tanks are easy to set up and deploy for aquaculture and fish farming—and they can be custom built to fit your requirements or water storage applications.

Aquaculture fish tanks and fish farming tanks need to be easily accessible, with an open top, space conscious for growing fish, easy to clean and customize, and be space conscious when being set up. Folding Frame Tanks offer the solution for portable, easy-to-store water storage for fish farming.

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Folding Frame Tank for Emergency

Why Use a Steel Frame Water Tank for Fish Farming?

Fish farming water tanks need to easily accessible, spacious, easy to clean and durable. Luckily, collapsible, folding frame tanks have these advantages and many others. Our collapsible folding frame tanks are easily shipped and stored flat when not in use. When ready to deploy them, the rigid outer frame is easy to setup with the inner liner. The open top collapsible aquaculture tanks allow you to monitor the different shrimp or fish and adjust the necessary air pumps and chemicals. Collapsible fish farming tanks can also be made to fit your exact gallon capacity specifications.

  • Spacious Interior
  • Space Conscious
  • Easy to Clean
  • Use Many Tanks for More Fish

These fish farming tanks are easy to clean and can be deployed almost anywhere. The collapsible tank design needs a flat surface to be set up and deployed. Accommodate more fish, depending on the gallon capacity that you choose. Using a collapsible folding frame tank for farming or aquaculture is one of the best and most convenient options.

Open Top Aquaculture Fish Tanks Features

Water Storage Tank

Collapsible tanks are made with rigid aluminum or steel outer frames that hold a flexible, durable inner liner. The inner liner fabrics are available with 22 oz. or 2 oz. Vinyl and 22 oz. High Performance Rubber (HPR). The HPR has superior cold-crack resistance, cut and abrasion resistance—all without add any extra weight. See other details about the Folding Frame Tank:

  • HPR or Vinyl Liners
  • Aluminum or Steel Frame
  • Easy to Set Up and Take Down
  • Accommodate More Fish with More Tanks
  • Open Top for Easy Access
  • Easy to Clean

Additional Fish Farming Tank Options

We also offer open top fiberglass tanks and corrugated steel tanks in a variety of sizes and dimensions for your aquaculture needs. These tanks may also need additional liners inside them and will not be as easily moved as the collapsible folding frame tanks, but they do offer long lasting water storage. Other tank options include:

Water Storage Tank

Other Applications for Folding Frame Tanks

Folding frame tanks can be used for a variety of applications in need of reliable water storage. The portability and durability of folding frame tanks sets them apart from other water storage solutions. Some other applications for folding frame tanks include:

Other Construction BMP Products

Other Construction BMP's to keep your job site in compliance:

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