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Enduraplas Foam Ranger™ Portable Water Tank:

Effective Foam Fire Suppression

Superior Foam Fire Control

The Enduraplas Foam Ranger™, offered by One Clarion, is your ultimate solution for fast and efficient foam fire suppression. Designed to extinguish fires up to four times faster than water, this portable water tank is a vital tool for firefighting professionals. It utilizes foam to create long-lasting firebreaks and features an air induction nozzle for precise foam application. With a built-in foam tank and adjustable foam gauge, you have complete control over your foam deployment.

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For top-tier foam fire suppression, trust in the Enduraplas Foam Ranger™. Tailored to meet the needs of firefighting experts, this portable water tank offers unmatched speed and efficiency in extinguishing fires. Its integrated foam system ensures you're always prepared for the toughest firefighting challenges.

Discover the remarkable features, benefits, applications, and specifications of the Enduraplas Foam Ranger™ portable water tank below.

Innovative Fire Suppression Features

The Enduraplas Foam Ranger™ boasts several innovative features, including:

  • Solid-Wall™ Tank Construction: Highly impact-resistant design for durability.
  • Poly-Flex™ Hose Reel: Crack-proof, easy-wind poly hose reel.
  • Air-Induct™ Nozzle: Efficient foam texture creation with air induction.
  • Easy-Store™ Foam Tank: A built-in 15-gallon tank for convenient foam storage.
  • Foam-Command™ Controls: Quick selection of the correct foam rate for each job.
  • Time-Saver™ Fork-Points: Built-in fork slots for effortless lifting and loading.

Foam Fire Suppression Benefits

Opting for the Enduraplas Foam Ranger™ offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Rapid Fire Control: Suppress fires up to four times faster with foam.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Efficient firefighting without excessive water use.
  • Eco-Friendly Operation: Prevents leaks and spills for environmentally responsible firefighting.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy handling and maneuverability for swift deployment.

Versatile Firefighting Applications

The Enduraplas Foam Ranger™ is suitable for various firefighting scenarios, including:

  • Fire Control: Ideal for firefighting professionals.
  • Emergency Response: : Crucial for rapid fire suppression during emergencies.
  • Industrial Use: Versatile for multiple industries.
  • First Responder Equipment: A valuable asset for firefighters.

Foam Ranger™ Specifications

Size (US Gallons) 400
Length 102"
Width 46"
Height 45"
Motor Type GX160 Honda/5.5HP
Pump Type Centrifugal
Flow Rate (GPM) 120
Pressure (PSI) 100
Hose Length 100'
Spray Distance (Vertical) 33'
Spray Distance (Horizontal) 36'
Dry Weight (lbs) 576

Enduraplas Foam Ranger™ Downloads

Access comprehensive resources and detailed specifications for the Enduraplas Foam Ranger™ portable water tank. Equip yourself with the tools and information needed for effective foam fire suppression.

Enduraplas Foam Ranger™ Frequently Asked Questions

Foam Fire Suppression Questions and Answers

Yes, it is! The Foam Rangers external built-in foam tank makes storing and using foam solution quick and easy saving you setup time and hassle. The foam control gauge lets you adjust how much foam you will dispense while spraying with the twist of a knob. The air induction nozzle draws just the right amount of air into your foam stream creating the perfect foam texture while spraying. These features combine to make operating the Foam Ranger skid a breeze.

The Foam Ranger skid features fork-points for quick loading of the skid. Combined with the extremely durable nature of the skid you don't have to worry about damaging it while lifting it. Once you load the Foam Ranger skid into your truck bed, don't forget to use the heavy-duty tie down slots that are built in on both sides of the skid to secure it.

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