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Roto Mold Tank

Rotational Molding

In the market for a custom tank? Our roto mold tank is a durable and economical choice for commercial, agricultural and industrial applications. Rotational molding can help you customize tanks or parts for your specific job or project. Our rotational molding process creates a seamless, one-piece tank, giving you durable, strong storage made to your exact specifications.

Roto molding is cost effective, creates corrosion and chemical resistant tanks, and gives you watertight storage. We offer you options for innovative and intricate designs, as well as a wide array of texture and surface finishes. Talk with one of our team members about the right tank for you.

See our Specialty & Custom Tanks (pdf) for more details.

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What is Rotational Molding

Rotational molding is a unique type of tank fabrication that starts with heating plastic resin inside a hollow, closed mold. The resin melts inside the mold after it is placed inside a cast. Temperatures range from 260°C to 370°C. Continually rotated, the mold is evenly coated with the polyethylene resin. Centrifugal force created during rotation produces a smooth, watertight product with even, consistent walls. Once the plastic cools and hardens, it is immediately removed from the mold, making it faster and more cost effective than other forms of molding. Roto mold tanks have a longer life expectancy than tanks made with the injection method, and they are strong enough to withstand impact and vibration created during transportation.

Short Infographic showing how the rotational molding process works for plastic tanks.

Roto Molding Tanks

Roto molding is a perfect manufacturing technique if you need to customize your tank. The thermoplastic process gives you unlimited options for water and chemical storage, diesel fuel storage, industrial storage, agriculture water storage, and more. Roto molded tanks are lightweight and easy to transport, are rust and corrosion resistant, and give you endless possibilities for tank size, shape and design.

Industrial Tanks

  • • Vertical Tanks
  • • VT with Containment
  • • Cone Tanks- Open Cone Tanks
  • • Open Tanks- Rectangular Tanks
rotomolded cone bottom tanks drawing

Marine & Boat Tanks

  • • Bow Shaped Water Tanks
  • • Rectangular Water Tanks
  • • Rounded Corner Open End Compartments
  • • Square Corner Open Ended Compartments
  • • Wedged Water Tanks
  • • Battery Boxes
bow shaped tank drawing

Marine Battery Boxes

  • • Battery Box GRP-31-DE
  • • Double Battery Box End X End GRP-31-DE
  • • Double Batter Box Side X Side GRP-31-DS
  • • Optima Battery Box GRP-34-SO
battery box drawing

Agricultural Tanks

  • • Vertical Tanks
  • • VT with Containment
  • • Cone Tanks
  • • Open Cone Tanks
  • • Open Tanks
  • • Rectangular Tanks
bottom tank drawings

Refuse Containers

red container with wheels

Recreational Vehicle Tanks

  • • Bottom Dump Waste Tanks
  • • Bow Shaped Water Tanks
  • • End Dump Holding Tanks
  • • End Dump Holding Tanks with Rails
  • • L-Shaped End Dump Holding Tanks
  • • L-Shaped Side Dump Holding Tanks
  • • L-Shaped Water Tanks
  • • Recessed End Dump Holding Tanks
  • • Recessed End Dump Holding Tanks with Rails
  • • Recessed Side Dump Holding Tanks
  • • Recessed Side Dump Holding Tanks with Rails
  • • Side Dump Holding Tanks
  • • Side Dump Holding Tanks with Rails
  • • Water Tanks
  • • Water Tanks with Rails
  • • Wedge Shaped Water Tank
  • • Fender Skirts
dump holding tank drawing

Recreational Vehicle Fender Skirts

rotomolded skirt drawing

Water Storage Tanks

water tanks drawings

Water Heater Pans

  • • Vertical Tanks
  • • VT with Containment
  • • Cone Tanks- Open Cone Tanks
  • • Open Tanks- Rectangular Tanks
water heater pan drawing

Our Roto Mold Process

We are dedicated to providing a collaborative and efficient process for your custom roto-molding project. We have a multi-step process giving careful attention to detail and precision.

  1. We work closely with you to identify your specific tank needs; then create a detailed design prototype.
  2. Once the design is approved, we build a stainless steel mold to meet all of the requirements outlined during the design process.
  3. Our mold must meet our high quality standards before we schedule your first tank run with our state-of-the-art rotational molding machines.

  4. After your tank fabrication is complete, we inspect the tank for any defects or imperfections. Strict quality control measures ensure your tank meets your exact specifications, as well as adhering to our rigorous standards. The result is a high-quality, durable, custom-designed tank that meets your specific project needs. Call us today for more information about our custom roto-molding solutions.

Roto Mold Tank Applications

Roto molding tanks are designed to be sturdy and leak-proof, making them the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications including construction, farms, cities, industry, marine and many other uses. Because tanks meet specifications for water recovery and water treatment, they are often used for water containment, water storage and other liquid storage. We customize tanks and other parts for a wide variety of uses such as portable barriers and cones, carts and carriers, playgrounds, automotives, sporting goods, spill containment, and more. Visit our Marine Holding Tanks page to see more options.

Other applications include:

Wastewater Fuel Storage
Irrigation Chemical Processing
Rainwater Collection Emergency Water Storage
Composting Agriculture and Farming
Construction Water Storage Mining and Minerals
Fuel Tanks Recreation
Spill Containment Automotive industry
Construction Carts and Carriers Environmental Services
Portable Traffic Barriers Petroleum and Oil
Marine and Boating Food and Beverage Industry
Defense and Military Playground Equipment
Medical and Healthcare And More…

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Roto Mold Tank Frequently Asked Questions

Roto Mold Tank FAQs

Rotational molding gives you the opportunity to choose not only the size and shape of your tank, but also intricate or unique details specific to your tank. Because roto mold tanks are seamless, they are also leak-proof and long-lasting. Our roto tanks are also lightweight, durable, and often more cost effective, giving you many options when choosing your tank.

Our roto molded tanks have a wide range of applications. They are strong, rust and corrosion resistent, making them a good choice for multiple industries. Tanks can be used for wastewater chemicals, fuel, compost, beverages and many commercial uses. Talk to one of our tank specialists to find the custom tank for your specific needs.

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