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Farm Water Wagon

800 Gallon Water Tank Trailer

The 800 gallon water tank trailer is DOT compliant and can haul a large amount of water without a CDL, depending on local restrictions. Whatever water hauling requirements a project has, the farm water trailer will provide a lot of water in one tank that can be conveniently transported on the open road from job to job.

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800 Gallon Water Wagon Features

  • 2” Tsurumi Pump with 4 HP Honda Engine
  • Galvanized Spray Bar with Double Nozzles
  • 25’ Fire Hose and Nozzle
  • Diamond Tread Fenders and LED Lights
  • Surge Brakes (Optional Electric Brakes)

800 Gallon Water Wagon Benefits

  • Many Options for Filling and Spraying
  • DOT Compliant with Lights, Brakes, Safety Chain
  • No CDL is Required (check local restrictions)
  • Delivered Fully Assembled & Ready to Use
  • Bottom Sump for Fast Tank Draining

Farm Water Wagon Details

Looking for other features? We have an assortment of water trailer vendors with an extensive offering of styles, sizes, and components at exceptional pricing. All capacities listed are for use with water storage. We ship from warehouses across the U.S. and our team will work with you to provide the equipment that fits your needs, delivered within the time frame that you need it. Contact Us for information on other liquid storage options.

Farm water wagons offer increased safety in transport and feature tandem surge brakes that allow the trailer to brake when the towing vehicle does. Heavy duty fenders protect the tires, and the water trailers also feature LED lights that are DOT compliant. All these components give confidence when transporting the water wagon on the open road.

This 800 gallon farm water tank trailer features a polyethylene tank supported by a 6" channel iron frame. Because of its white, translucent color, seeing how much water is being used is easy with this tank. There are two ways to fill the 800 gallon water tank trailer: through the fill tube or by drawing water through the pump.

Express 800 Gallon Water Tank Trailer Specifications

Length 165”
Width 86.5” (w/ Fenders)
Height 79.5” (w/ Fill Kit)
Suction Hose Size 20’x2’’
Fire Hose Size 25’x1.5” Hose and Nozzle
Spray Bar Galvanized with Double Nozzles; 8’-25’ Swath
Discharge Bar Galvanized
Size (US Gallons) 800
Tank Color Translucent White
Dry Weight (lbs) 1,960 lb (Empty)
Tires 16” on E-Z Lube Hubs with 8 Lugs
Capacity 9,000 lbs. (GVWR)
DOT Compliant LED Brake Lights
Frame Construction 6” Channel Iron
Finish Powder Coat Black Acrylic
Axle(s) Tandem Slipper Spring
Tank Type 800 Gallon Polyethylene Elliptical Leg Tank
Brakes Double Free Backing Surge
Fenders Diamond Tread
Motor 4 HP Honda Engine
Pump 2” Tsurumi Aluminum Pump
Hitch Type 2-5/16” Ball or 3” Pintle
Lights DOT compliant clearance, stop, turn, tail, license
Warranty Manufacturer’s Warranty


Farm Water Wagon Applications

The farm water wagon can transport a large amount of water to various locations, limiting the need to constantly refill the tank. Transporting water wagons around a piece of property to various watering spots, whether for agriculture or livestock watering, is convenient. Other applications include dust suppression, tree spraying, dirt road packing, small-fire suppression, and more!.

For freeze protection for your water trailer or skid, our Water Trailer Heater Blankets are exactly what you need . When cold weather affects the viscosity of fuel, fluids, and other materials you can lose production time, adding additional costs. Power blankets keep your tanks and smaller corrugated/steel tanks at constant temperature, preventing fluids from freezing in extreme conditions. We customize thermal blankets to meet your specific needs, no matter the tank size or shape. Call us today to find out more!

Farm Water Wagon Frequently Asked Questions

Farm Water Wagon Questions and Answers

Our farm water wagon dimensions are 165" x 86.5" x 79.5" with fenders and fill kit. The 800 gallon water tank trailers also feature a 2'' anti-siphon fill tube, an 18'' tank lid, a 6'' channel iron frame with rust-resistant powder coat acrylic, and 16'' tires on E-Z lube hugs (with 8 lugs).

Yes, our water trailers are customizable to fit your specific job needs. Water wagons can come without a spray bar if necessary. Other customizable features include tank color, decking material, potability and more. Pricing will change accordingly.

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