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Concrete Dust Control Trailer

Sports Field Irrigation Trailer

Portable Irrigation System for Sports Field Irrigation and Dust Suppression

550 gallon express water wagon

You need the Sports Field Irrigation Trailer as an easy-to-use portable irrigation system for your sports fields. Ditch the traditional in-ground irrigation systems that are costly and tough to maintain. When there's a problem, there's usually a lot of digging, searching for damaged lines, and resodding needed. With the spray bar, the sports field water trailer can serve dual-use by also being used for dust suppression after infield groomer use. It can provide dust control solutions for many types of sports fields, such as baseball diamonds, arenas, or dirt racing tracks. The sports field irrigation trailer is easily pulled behind a small truck or tractor, and provides spray bar coverage of up to 25'.

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Portable Irrigation System for Sports Field Irrigation and Dust Suppression

  • Helps you track your exact water usage, no more guessing
  • No sprinkler heads that could lead to athlete injury
  • No in-ground lines to purge or freeze during winter
  • Easy maintenance, no digging or searching for broken lines or resodding
  • Use one trailer for multiple fields: football, soccer, baseball, or sports complexes
  • Quick and easy dust suppression spray on exposed dirt in sports fields, dirt roadways, racing tracks and arenas
  • Provides portable dust control solutions that can be easily transported

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Sports Field Irrigation Trailer Specifications

The Sports Field Irrigation Trailer is built to last. Each trailer's frame is constructed from high strength channel iron and a durable poly tank. Honda engines and pumps are available for quick tank filling and discharge. The trailer's durable high strength poly tanks are available in 300, 550, 1,000, or 1,600 gallon capacities.

1000 express water wagon

Sports Field Irrigation Trailer Features

  • Diamond-plated fenders
  • Dust control spray equipment
  • Sprays a wide swath up to 25' for dust suppression
  • Translucent polyethylene tank—know your water level at a glance
  • Manifold for suction and discharge
  • 25' fire hose

Easy to Fill and Discharge

The portable irrigation system's water trailer can be filled manually by removing the top lid or by drawing water through the 4 HP Honda pump. Additionally, a quick-fill valve can be used for high pressure sources like fire hydrants in a pinch.

DOT-Compliant Upgrades

Sports Field Irrigation Trailers are available in off-road (non-DOT) or in DOT-compliant models. DOT compliant models feature LED safety lighting, braking systems, and other safety features for use on public roadways.

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