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Horizontal Leg Tank

Poly Leg Tank

The horizontal leg tank is a versatile, durable, and economical form of water storage for a variety of industries and applications. Poly leg tanks are heavy duty and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Self-supporting horizontal leg tanks stand on molded legs to make installing the water storage tanks on truck beds and flat trailers easy. Capacities range from 125 to 800 gallons, and horizontal leg tanks come in two color choices.

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Horizontal Leg Tank Features

  • Molded grooves for stainless steel bands
  • Polypropylene tank with fittings and accessories
  • Molden tank legs
  • 10" vented lid

Horizontal Leg Tank Benefits

  • FDA approved for potable water
  • UV stabilized for outdoor use
  • Two color choices
  • Variety of applications

Horizontal Leg Tank Details

Poly leg tanks can be mounted on flat trailers, in pickup truck beds, or can be used in a stationary position without need for moving. Horizontal leg tanks can be used in a variety of applications from water transport, chemical storage for agriculture industries, and other uses. Poly leg tanks come in standard white which allows visibility into the tank or in black that does not let light into the tank, which inhibits algae growth.

Horizontal leg tank plastic water storage solutions are FDA approved for potable water storage and offer high impact strength reliability. Each tank comes equipped with polypropylene fittings and accessories and can be UV stabilized for use outdoors. Horizontal leg tanks have a vented 10" lid and a gallon marker at the end of the tank.

Poly Leg Tank Specifications

Capacity 125 - 800 Gallons
Diameter Range 30" - 60"
Height Range 32.5" - 50"
Length Range 49" - 92"
Band Width Range 34" - 44"

Horizontal Leg Tank Plastic Water Storage Applications

Horizontal leg tank plastic water storage can be used for several applications. Poly leg tanks can be used in mobile car detailing, oil field chemical tanks, agriculture chemical containment, and many other fields. Because horizontal leg tanks can support themselves, they can be used in mobile water storage or on their own in a stationary environment. Visit our Specialty & Custom Made Tanks page for more options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our horizontal leg tanks are easily mounted on flat trailers or pickup truck beds. They have a wide stance for stability and are pre-grooved with bands or hoops to anchor the tank to the vehicle.

Yes, plastic tanks come with an FDA approval rating for potable water. They come standard with a UV stabilization rating to slow the growth of algae. You can also order plastic tanks in a black color for an even stronger UV rating against algae growth.

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