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Power Blanket

Water Tank Heater Pad

Worried about freeze protection for your tanks? Our power blanket is the right solution when freezing temperatures affect the viscosity of your fuel, fluids, and other materials. Tank heater pads are perfect for keeping your tank at a constant temperature, preventing your fluids from freezing in extreme conditions. We customize our thermal blankets to fit your specific tank, no matter your tank size or shape. You can stay on track with our power blankets, preventing production downtime and additional costs. Call us today for more information and pricing!

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Power Blanket Features

  • Prevents freezing of water, chemicals, DEF and other fluids
  • Custom fit for any tank
  • Maintains constant temperature
  • Ensures proper viscosity
  • Cost effective

Power Blanket Benefits

  • Perfect for large and small tanks
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Used across multiple industries
  • Made in the US
  • Faster delivery

Tank Heater Pad Details

custom power blanket on pipeOur tank heater pads are the perfect choice for tank freeze protection, maintaining temperature, and optimizing flow of your fluids or viscous materials. An industrial storage tank heater, the power blanket is essential for protecting your tanks from freezing. Used across multiple industries, our thermal blankets are effective for water storage, agriculture, oil & gas, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and chemical manufacturing. A great solution for keeping your tank at a constant temperature, our tank heater pad prevents freezing in even extreme conditions. Our custom power blankets are made to precisely fit your specific tank and site. Made in the US, we are able ship faster and for less, saving you both time and money.

Custom Heater Blanket Applications

Short infographic showing how the heater blanket improves viscosity and flow rates for liquids in cold temperatures.Whether you are storing or delivering water, gas and oil, DEF, or chemicals, our customized tank heater pad can give you the peace of mind you want during the winter months. Eliminate frozen tanks to increase your production time and reduce your costs! Our thermal blankets are used for:

Custom heater blankets can be also be used for in food processing water, chemical processing, frac water and more. See our custom measurement guide and questionnaire pdf's for perfect fitting heating blankets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power Blanket Question and Answer

No matter the size or shape of your tank, custom power blankets to protect fluids and other viscous materials. Designed to maintain stable temperatures, our thermal blankets protect your tanks against freezing and optimize your fluid flow even in extreme climates. Tank heater pads ensure you have continuous access to your gas, chemicals, DEF or other fluids, reducing the downtime often experienced during the winter months.

Our power blankets are customized for your particular tank(s). The insulated blanket wraps your entire tank, spreading heat evenly and safely throughout and keeping your fluids flowing, These durable heating blankets or tank heater pads are easy to install and then remove when the threat of freezing is over. Customization of the power blanket for your exact tank ensures you have the specific temperature range, size or shape you need to winterize your tank.

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