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Arena Dust Control

1000 Gallon Arena Water Wagon

The arena water trailer is designed for superior arena dust control, crafted with a variety of accessories, and is super adaptable to your project. The 1000 gallon arena water wagon very water trailer is built with a high-strength polyethylene tank and steel trailer.

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1000 Gallon Arena Water Wagon Features

  • 1000 gallon capacity poly tank
  • Tandem axle, with torsion springs
  • Spray bar, 25' fire hose and nozzle
  • Honda engine with 2" pump

1000 Gallon Arena Water Wagon Benefits

  • Easily handles dust in your arena
  • Perfect capacity to handle most arenas
  • Durable UV-resistant water storage tank
  • Light-duty fire suppression

Arena Dust Control Trailer Details

The arena dust control trailer comes fully equipped with standard spray equipment, hoses, pumps, and nozzles. The 1000 gallon arena water wagon has a UV-resistant polyethylene tank that is strong enough for a number of indoor and outdoor water transportation applications, thanks to its torsion spring tandem axle. Additional coatings can be applied to the tank for stronger UV protection or FDA approval. Water levels are visible through the translucent tank. The arena dust control trailer can be easily upgraded to a DOT-rated version that can easily be transported between multiple locations.

Engineered for a number of indoor arena or outdoor working conditions, the 1000 gallon arena water trailer is fully customizable with additional options and accessories to adapt to a wide range of applications. The arena dust control trailer turns custom engineering and rugged construction, into a fully customizable arena water trailer, easy to use and durable for the long haul.

Arena Water Wagon Specifications

Tank Capacity 1,025 Gallon Leg Tank
Trailer Frame 6" Channel Iron
Axels Tandem Torsion Spring
Dimensions (L x W x H) 200" x 80" x 82"
Wheels 15" x 8", 6" Hole; 4.62" Hole Pattern


Aqua-Arena Water Trailer (PDF

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Arena Dust Control Trailer Frequently Asked Questions

Arena Dust Control Questions and Answers

An arena water wagon has a spray bar that is an important part of this trailer's ability to control dust for horse arenas and for dirt roads on the farm. The galvanized spray bar with 25' swath comes standard with our Arena Water Wagon. The combination of the spray bar, the durable trailer, and the large capacity of the 1000 gallon poly storage tank make dust a thing of the past at your next event.

Standard features include a 1000 gallon UV resistant poly tank, dual axles with torsion springs, Honda motor and pump, 1-1/2" x 25 ft Fire Hose with nozzle, 2nd hose, galvanized spray bar, and adjustable clevis hitch.

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