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Backpack Sprayer

Commercial Backpack Sprayer

Backpack sprayer models are designed to spray chemicals such as pesticides, disinfectants, fertilizers, weed killers, and cleaners. A 4 gallon spot sprayer provides portable, concentrated spraying power for commercial and residential spraying jobs. The commercial backpack sprayer will be perfect for cleaning and disinfection jobs that require precision.

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Backpack Sprayer Features

  • 4-Gallon Poly Tank
  • Portable Spray Technology
  • 40-70 PSI, depending on model

Backpack Sprayer Benefits

  • Concentrated, Precise Spraying Power
  • Holds Pesticides or Disinfectants
  • Portable and Compact

Backpack Sprayer Details

The backpack sprayer comes in three different models depending on the amount and type of spraying that you need. As a spot sprayer, the Chapin 4 gallon backpack sprayer has a translucent poly tank that has a 6 mouth opening. The 3 filtration system sets this backpack sprayer apart from the rest. This filtration system prevents clogging from debris and residue. With a flow rate of .4-.5 gallons per minute, the 4 gallon backpack sprayer has an operating pressure of 40-60 PSI and a stainless steel spray wand.

The 4 gallon commercial backpack sprayer from Hudson features an extra large fill opening for spill prevention when using chemicals. With a 20" poly spray wand and powerful Piston pump, the nozzle system has 4 different spray settings.

The 4 gallon backpack tank sprayer is the SP1 Multi-Purpose Professional Backpack Sprayer that provides state-of-the-art pump action and leak protection. With a translucent poly tank, filling with accuracy is easy. The sealed diaphragm style pump has 70 PSI power. The 20" brass wand comes with an adjustable brass cone pattern nozzle and three plastic fan nozzles.

4 Gallon SP1 Spec Chart Multi-Purpose Professional Backpack Sprayer Specs

Tank Translucent 4 Gallon Poly Tank
Seals Viton
Pump Steel Handle
70 PSI Sealed Diaphragm
Sprayer Wand 20" Brass Wand
Nozzles Brass Cone Pattern
3 Plastic Flat Fan Nozzles
Spray Hose 47" Industrial Spray Hose
Warranty 1 Year (See Sales Rep for Details)

4 Gallon Hudson Commercial Backpack Sprayer Specs

Tank 4 Gallon Poly Tank
Nozzle System 4 Different Spray Settings
Pump Piston Pump
Sprayer Wand 20" Poly Wand
Control Valve Locking Large Poly Control Valve
Spray Hose 48" PVC Power Sprayer-Style Hose
Warranty 1 Year (See Sales Rep for Details)

Chapin 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer |Self-Cleaning | 3-Stage Filter Specs

Tank Translucent 4 Gallon Poly Tank
6" Mouth Opening
Seals Viton
Pump Piston Over Diaphragm Pump
40-60 PSI
Sprayer Wand Stainless Steel Handle with Cushion Grip
Poly Shut-Off
Nozzles 3 Nozzles
Poly Fan
Poly Cone
Adjustable Brass Cone
Spray Hose 48" Industrial Spray Hose
Max Vertical Spray Stream 23' with Backpack Sprayer
Max Horizontal Spray Stream 25' with Backpack Sprayer

Commercial Backpack Sprayer Applications

Commercial backpack sprayer models can be used in a variety of applications like spraying pesticides or disinfectants around your facilities. The 4 gallon pump sprayer can be used with a variety of chemicals and disinfectants. As a bleach and disinfectant backpack sprayer, you can accurately disinfect spaces from germs and contaminants. Using the spot sprayer with disinfectant can help you efficiently clean and disinfect contaminated areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Backpack Sprayer Frequently Asked Questions

The advantage of the 4 gallon backpack tank sprayer is that it can be used with a variety of liquid chemicals for different applications. Overall, the spraying power of each model of commercial backpack sprayer will give you a concentrated stream of spray. If you need a backpack sprayer to clean and disinfect playgrounds, buildings, or concrete steps, then using a 4 gallon spot sprayer as a bleach and disinfectant backpack sprayer will make cleaning and disinfecting your building easier. If you need a backpack sprayer to apply pesticides or fertilizers, then you'll find a 4 gallon backpack sprayer that has filtration systems designed to prevent clogs.

The benefits of using a commercial backpack sprayer are many. Each spot sprayer model features a durable poly tank with a wide opening for spill prevention when working with chemicals. The portability of the 4 gallon pump sprayer allows you the freedom of spraying with bleach, disinfectants, fertilizers, or pesticides.

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