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Landscaping Water Tank Trailer

Landscaping Water Tank Trailer

Portable Water and Fertilizer Application

irrigation water trailer for sale

A complete water, fertilizer or pesticide hauling and spraying system, the Landscaping Water Tank Trailer is available in 300, 500, 800, 1,000, or 1,600 gallon sizes. Each mobile water trailer is made in the USA and delivered ready to take on the road. Use the landscaping water tank trailer as a portable irrigation system for city irrigation, watering trees, vegetation control, pesticide application, fertilization, or even dust suppression. This multi-purpose sprayer trailer is durable and will not disappoint.

The most popular sizes for our DOT-compliant Landscaping Water Tank Trailers are:

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Landscaping Portable Irrigation System

Every city or community has landscaping that needs watering and fertilizing. Traditional underground irrigation systems are labor intensive to install and when something goes wrong, there's a lot of digging involved to locate and replace lines or sprinkler heads. As a traveling irrigation system, the landscaping water tank trailer offers a simple and affordable solution, with many. Some of those benefits include:

  • Use fire hose or spray bar to discharge
  • Translucent tank shows exactly how much water is left
  • Large storage capacity & easy to fill

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Traveling Irrigation Trailer

As a portable irrigation system, the landscaping water trailer is designed to deliver robust performance year over year and look good doing it. Our trailers have a full range of customizable options.

Landscaping Trailer Accessories

  • Hose Bibb and spray gun
  • Spray bar with 25' swath
  • Fire hose for high-pressure discharge
  • Honda engine and pump
  • Optional mix tank for pesticides or fertilizers

DOT-Compliant Irrigation Trailer for Sale

Each landscaping trailer arrives DOT-compliant and ready to tow to your next landscaping project. Some DOT-compliant features include:

  • LED safety lights: front and rear
  • Weather resistant connectors
  • Braking systems

The landscaping water tank trailer provides a solution for landscapers needing a trailer that can handle heavy use. It is made for rugged se and built to last. The portable irrigation system can be used for many purposes and will quickly become your go-to water hauling trailer. With our complete line of customizable landscaping trailer accessories, we have a solution to suit your needs.

Other products we carry for landscaping applications include: