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Combo Trailer 3-in-1 Worksite Solution

Water, Power & Light - Work Day or Night

This Combo Trailer does the work of a Water Trailer, Light Tower Trailer, and a Power Trailer, without having to haul all three to your worksite. Compact (19' L x 7' W) and DOT-compliant, it provides the resources you need, even in tight spaces. This 3-in-1 workhorse brings all the light, water & mobile power you need for the project, even in low-light or remote conditions.

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Combo Trailer Features

  • 500-Gallon algae-resistant water tank
  • 5 GPM, 45 PSI water pump & pressure tank
  • 240-gallon diesel tank / 15 kW Allmand generator
  • 26'8" Light Tower with 4 320-watt LED fixtures

Combo Trailer Benefits

  • Potable water rating helps keep your project -- and crew -- hydrated
  • Pressure tank reduces cycling to maintain steady water flow extend pump life
  • 3-in-1 design saves time, workspace and money
  • Mobile Light Tower expands shift capabilities

Combo Trailer Details

Why get just a Water Trailer when you also can have a Mobile Light Tower and Power Trailer, all in one fully-assembled, road-ready unit? This efficient, 3-in-1 Combo Trailer can bring up to 500 gallons of water to your worksite, with all water system components rated potable. The optional Freeze Protection Package extends use to multiple seasons in colder climates.

The Combo Trailer helps you get the job done on time and on-budget, and on any worksite accessible by truck.

The 240-gallon diesel reservoir, when filled, powers the 22.3 hp Caterpillar engine inside the 15kW Allmand generator. The resulting 300+ hours of electricity and light for your project site mean less down time; more progress. A variety of electrical outlets – ranging from 20 AMP /120V to 50 AMP / 240 V – give you and your crew the mobile power to get the job done right in as little time as possible.

The 26'8" Mobile Light Tower is hydraulically actuated, making for smooth extension and retraction of its six sections. A drop-leg jack and outriggers stabilize the tower. Equivalent to having a separate light tower trailer on site, the well-designed mobile light tower has handholds and a step with slip-resistant treads. These safety features allow for easy access to the light tower mast and its four 320-watt LED fixtures.

Combo Trailer Specifications

Weight 5,240 lbs (Empty) / 11,500 (Full)
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) 14,000 lbs
Tandem Slipper Spring Axles 7,000 lbs axles / 8,000 lbs springs
Tires 235/80R16
Dimensions 228" L x 83" W
Trailer Frame 7" Channel Iron with Recessed Lights
Surge Brakes Actuator 20,000 lb / 2 5/16" ball or 3" ring
Water Tank 500 Gal (black to protect against algae growth)
Water System Flojet 5 gpm, 110v, 45 psi
Freeze Protection Freeze Protection Package (optional)
Pressure Tank 2-gallon tank for constant pressure
Diesel Fuel Tank 240 gallons
Lighting and Tower 4 x 320-watt LED fixtures; 320" six-section, hydraulically-actuated vertical tower
Power System: Allmand Maxi-Lite II 15kW V-Series
Engine: Caterpillar C1.5 Turbo T4F, liquid-cooled diesel 22.3 hp
Generator 15 kW single-phase 120/240V generator
Starting 12 V electric pre-heat cold starting system
Circuits Hardwired electrical
Outlets 1 – 60 AMP / main disconnect
2 – 20 AMP / 120V duplex
3 – 30 AMP / 240V 4 wire twist lock
1 – 50 AMP / 240 V / RV Outlet


Combo Trailer Applications

The Combo Trailer is ideal for mining camps, oil or gas drilling sites, pipeline maintenance, overnight construction, disaster recovery, or any other project where you may have limited space but need maximum capabilities. Perfect for dust suppression, concrete cutting and finishing, pressure washing and a myriad of other uses, this 3-in-one, road-legal water trailer marvel can help your crew perform a peak efficiency. You can even use it for camps, RVs or mobile offices.

Why waste time towing three trailers and then figuring out where to position them, when one combo trailer will do?

This durable combination of a Water Trailer, Power Trailer and Mobile Light Tower Trailer is the 3-in-1 worksite solution to your project needs.

Don't need to pressure-washing, mobile power or lighting capabilities? See our Express 500 Gallon Water Trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Combo Trailer Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The coloration of the water tank reduces light penetration, which helps inhibit algae growth.

Yes. The tank and all water system components are rated for potable water. Please note that the tank is not rated to use to store other liquids. The diesel fuel tank is located separately, beneath the water tank.

No. This Combo Trailer tank is not rated for use with other liquids or chemicals.

Yes. This Combo Trailer is made of 7" channel iron with recessed lights, surge brakes, breakaway chains and other safety features and is DOT-compliant. Please see the trailer specifications for a complete list.

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