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Pasture Spraying Equipment

Herbicide Sprayer| 500 Gallon Pasture Sprayer

Having the right pasture spraying equipment makes all the difference when it comes to winning the battle of the weeds. The 500 Gallon Pasture Sprayer is built for rugged use in pastures and ranchlands and will be key to helping you win the battle.

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500 Gallon Pasture Sprayer Features

  • 500-gallon elliptical spray tank
  • Tractor style tires
  • Heavy-duty hubs and struts

500 Gallon Pasture Sprayer Benefits

  • High clearance (28.5") spraying and rugged design
  • Extender boom provides far reaching fan spray
  • Breakaway springs protect the boom from obstacle impact

500 Gallon Pasture Sprayer Details

Invasive weeds don't stand a chance with this herbicide sprayer and durable high clearance trailer. The three-point hitch sprayer works well for smaller ag spraying applications. It has tank sizes of 500 gallons, as well as 50, 100, or 200 gallons available. The 300 gallon crop sprayer trailer might be another option to consider.

An herbicide sprayer and trailer all in one, with built-in high clearance for spraying over brush, tractor style tires, and extended spray boom reach, you won't be disappointed.

500 Gallon Pasture Spraying Trailer Specifications

Spray Tank 500 gallon elliptical poly tank, for herbicide spraying and other water-based solutions
Pump Ace 206 hydraulic centrifugal pump with flange fitting plumbing
Trailer 6" Channel Iron frame, heavy duty hubs and struts
Tires 11.2-24" tractor style
Track Width 60" or 80", 20 or 40" row spacing
Tip Spacing 20"
Spray Swath Up to 42"
Overall Length (unfolded boom) 176"
Overall Height 80"
Controls Choice of manual or electric

Pasture Spraying Trailer Applications

Use this mist sprayer in pastures, for even and efficient distribution of ag chemical spray solutions. The 500-gallon pasture spraying equipment is built specifically to take the rough conditions presented by spraying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizer on small to mid-sized ranchland pastures. This herbicide sprayer can also be used to efficiently apply insecticides, fertilizers, and other water-based chemical solutions.

Pasture Spraying Trailer Frequently Asked Questions

Pasture Spraying Trailer Questions and Answers

The High Clearance Sprayer Trailer can use any number of booms, giving you the flexibility to pick the right one to fit the application. These include: Extender, "8420," "8220," and VSB boom.

You might find that a nurse trailer helps maximize your spraying time. Use a nurse trailer to haul herbicides and other water-based chemical solutions to your pasture mist sprayer for fast in-field refilling. This means that you can quickly refill without costly down-time.