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Potable Water Transport

500 Gallon Potable Water Tank Trailer

With the potable water transport tank and DOT trailer, you can haul potable water anywhere your vehicle can go. Providing additional protection for water quality, these trailers are NSF and ANSI 61 compliant.The potable water tank is also algae resistant. For fast filling or emptying of the tank, the potable water tank trailer comes equipped with a Honda engine and 2" Banjo pump.

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Potable Water Transport Trailer Features

  • 500 gallon algae resistant potable water tank
  • Honda engine & 2" Banjo pump
  • DOT trailer with recessed LED lights

Potable Water Transport Trailer Benefits

  • Delivered fully assembled and ready to use
  • Galvanized manifold resists rust and corrosion
  • Tank components rated for potable water

Potable Water Transport Trailer Details

The potable water transport trailer for sale is industrial grade and built to be tough. It will provide years of reliable service in the field. The 500 gallon potable water tank and potable rated components protect the quality of the water being transported. The Honda engine and 2" Banjo transfer pump can be used to quickly fill or discharge the tank.

The DOT-Compliant trailer makes this potable water transport tank road ready for safe use on public roads and highways. It includes surge brakes, recessed LED lighting, and fenders. The diamond tread fenders are designed for use as walkways, providing easy access to the top of the tank.

For non-potable water use, the 500 gallon potable water tank trailer also includes galvanized manifolds, suction hose, fire hose, and pond strainer.

Express Potable Water Transport Trailer Specifications

Tank 500 Gallon Potable Water Tank, Algae Resistant
Engine/Pump 4 HP Honda Engine / 2" Banjo Pump
Trailer 6" Channel Iron Frame, Dot Compliant, Surge Brakes, Tandem Leaf Spring Axles, St225/75d15 Tires, 2" Ball Adjustable Height Hitch, Diamond Tread Fenders
Dimensions 162"L X 79"W X 66" H, 6,000 lbs GVWR, 1,800 lbs Empty Weight
Additional Features Included Anti-Siphon Fill, Galvanized Manifold, Suction Hose, Pond Strainer, Fire Hose
Optional Hose Reel, Fire Nozzle, Electric Brakes

Potable Water Transport Trailer Applications

The potable water trailer for sale is a popular choice for use in potable water hauling to refill holding tanks. Its use is not limited to potable water operations though. It can be also used as an emergency water supply and even for fire suppression.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Potable Water Transport Trailer Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the 500 gallon potable water tank trailer is built to DOT requirements and can be safely used on public roads and highways. It comes equipped with surge brakes, recessed LED lights, and diamond tread fenders.

Rest assured, there is no assembly required. Your potable water transport trailer arrives to your door fully assembled and ready to use!

The 500 gallon potable water tank is a poly tank that has been treated with NSF approved resins that protect the quality of the drinking water stored or transported in the trailer. The black tank color helps make it resistant to algae growth by limiting the water's exposure to light.

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