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Spray Boom

Wylie Folding Spray Boom

The folding spray boom from Wylie offers increased versatility in application for power tank sprayers, trailers, and utility vehicles. With a variety of lengths, adjustable heights, and nozzle body spacing and set-up, this boom sprayer for sale is highly valuable for jobsites. Mounting to a variety of vehicles, the folding spray boom is compact and easy to maneuver for use in a variety of jobs and tasks.

Spray Boom Features

  • 10', 14', 20', or 27' Boom Lengths
  • 8' and 5' Folded Lengths
  • Single Section Plumbing
  • Three Section Plumbing
  • Receiver and Utility Hitches

Spray Boom Benefits

  • Durable Construction and Design
  • Versatility in Application
  • Ideal for Turf, Small Trees, and Pastures
  • Adjustable Height and Length
  • Easily Maneuverable

Folding Boom Sprayer for Sale Details

The folding spray boom comes in a variety of lengths. No matter the type of spraying activity or task, these lengths, 10', 14', 20', or 27', help you accomplish the tasks set before you. The 20' and 27' boom length will flat fold to 8', and the 10' and 14' boom will flat fold to 5'. With the range of sizes and options available, you will be able to find a folding boom sprayer to meet your needs and size requirements.

Customizing your folding boom sprayer can help ensure your unique job requirements are met. You can choose from open nozzle bodies on single section plumbing or a high-powered diaphragm nozzle bodies on three-section plumbing with this boom sprayer for sale. Folding boom sprayers easily mount to rear receiver hitches of utility vehicles and trailers.

Product Specifications

Lengths 10', 14', 20', or 27'
Nozzle Bodies Open or QuickJet Diaphragm
Plumbing Single Section or Three-Section
Boom Assembly Coil or Poly Spring Breakaway
Boom Flat Fold 20'/27' Boom flat fold to 8'
10'/14' Boom flat fold to 5'

Folding Boom Sprayer Applications

A folding boom sprayer is equipped for a variety of applications and jobs. With adjustable height and a poly spring breakaway to protect the boom, these custom features set this boom sprayer for sale apart from the others on the market. Take control of your agriculture spraying, dust suppression, and pest control with a durable folding spray boom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spray Boom Questions and Answers

Yes, the folding boom can work for small sprayers. We recommend the 10' or 14' fold flat spray bar. It folds flat to 5' and it can be mounted right to your UTV or pickup receiver hitch.

Water sprayers work through a small pump and motor attached to a water storage tank with a system of hoses. The hoses usually run between the water tank to a selector valve that then runs to a hose with nozzle or a spray bar. Our sprayer comes with both a fire hose and nozzle and a spray bar; some systems also include a third hose like a garden hose. The valve system can be switched easily between the hoses or spray bar depending on the type of spraying that needs to be done.