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Pest Control Skid Sprayer

Pesticide Skid Sprayer (PCO) for Sale

Pest control skid sprayer, often called PCO tanks or Pest Control Operator tanks, offer you reliable spraying and watering for pest control, insect control, weed control and more. This multipurpose PCO tank is suited for agriculture, nursey, and lawn care applications. The 100, 150, and 200 gallon skid sprayers can be easily mounted on the back of pickup trucks, utility trailers, and other vehicles to assist you in pest control and lawn care jobs. All of our skid sprayer tanks are made in the USA and ship from a variety of locations across the nation.

*Inventory levels change continually and vary by location and features required. Call for availability.

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Pest Control Skid Sprayer Features

  • 100, 150, 200 Gallon Poly Tanks
  • Handgun Sprayer and Boom Mounting
  • Honda Pump or Briggs Pump
  • Hose Reel Assembly Options

Pest Control Skid Sprayer Benefits

  • Made in the USA, Ships from Various Locations in USA
  • Used for Multiple Pest Control Applications
  • Multiple Accessories and Add-Ons
  • Customizable for Your Applications

Pest Control Skid Sprayer Details

The pest control skid sprayers come in three different product variations: the 100 gallon PCO Tank and Skid, the 150 gallon PCO Tank and Skid, and the 200 gallon PCO Tank and Skid. All three variations of skid sprayer come with a durable skid that be easily placed and mounted on the back of most utility vehicles. The pump options we carry for these PCO tanks include a 5.5 HP Briggs with 8-roller cast iron pump and 22" pro series handgun sprayer (for both the 100 gallon model and 150 gallon model) and a 5.5 HP Honda with 9910-D403GRGI Diaphragm pump with 22" pro series handgun (for the 200 gallon model). We also carry hose reel kit options for manual and electric hose stands. For more information on our hose reels and other features, see the Specifications section below.

100, 150, 200 Gallon PCO Sprayer Specifications

Product Number: 5301077 * LS-PCO-100 100 Gallon PCO Tank & Skid 5276496 5301072-KIT 5.5HP Briggs w/8-Roller Cast Iron Pump & 22" Pro Series Handgun
5301078 * LS-PCO-150 150 Gallon PCO Tank & Skid 5276498 5301255-KIT 5.5HP Honda w/8-Roller Cast Iron Pump & 22" Pro Series Handgun
5301079 * LS-PCO-200 200 Gallon PCO Tank & Skid 5276702 5301256-KIT 5.5HP Honda w/9910-D403GRGI Diaphragm Pump & 22" Pro Series Handgun

Spraying Options

  • 5301087 MANUAL HOSE REEL & MOUNT 300' Manual Hose Reel & Stand (Less Hose)
  • 5301088 ELECTRIC HOSE REEL& MOUNT 300' Electric Hose Reel & Stand (Less Hose)
  • 5274371 FH-3 Spool Kit For 300' Hose Reel
  • 5276704 5272771-KIT 300' - 1/2" PVC 600# PSI Hose Assembly
  • 5276938 100REEL-KIT 100' Manual Hose Reel & Stand (Less Hose)
  • 5276703 5272789-KIT 100' - 1/2" PVC 600# PSI Hose Assembly
  • 5274060-BLK BOOM MOUNT BRKT RH Boom Mount Bracket Left Hand
  • 5274061-BLK BOOM MOUNT BRKT LH Boom Mount Bracket Right Hand
  • * Designate Color: -BLU (Blue); -BLK (Black)

Pesticide Skid Sprayer and Other Applications

The pest control skid sprayers, also known as Pest Control Operator Tanks, are used in numerous applications and jobs for watering and spraying. For agricultural, lawn and garden, nursery, pest control, insect control, and weed control, PCO Sprayers offer reliable and heavy duty spraying and watering. Our hose reel kits and mounted booms and spray nozzles give you a variety of options for how you spray.

Pest Control Skid Sprayer Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of accessories and options for our PCO skid sprayers. We have hose reel kit options including a 300' manual hose reel and stand, a 300' electric hose reel and stand, a spool kit for 300' hose reel, and a 100' hose reel and stand. We also have PCO boom mounting brackets, both right hand and left hand. Boom sprayers much be ordered separately from the PCO sprayers. We also offer a variety of adjustable pattern fog nozzles, allowing you to vary the type of spray. Small Skid Sprayers and Accessories Specifications (PDF)

PCO stands for Pest Control Operator Tank. These tanks are well suited for nursery, agriculture, and lawn care use. Because these tanks are so multi-purpose and diverse in their applications, you can be sure that they will fit your unique needs and projects.

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